German television has already broadcastet two films about him
and his puppets.

Dresdner Nachrichten: "...inexplicable what Blinn can achieve with his two hands."

Rhein-Main-Presse: "...Blinn acts with such professionalism and love of detail that the natural dependency of his figures is soon forgotten..."

Frankfurter Rundschau: "...Nothing that the puppeteer's creations couldn't do; Stephan Blinn made the puppets dance and turned them all into contortionists"

Münchner Merkur: "...the epitome of the entertainer..."

Berner Zeitung: "...Blinn succeeds in conjuring up illusions in the audience's head..."

Neue Züricher Zeitung: "...Virtuosity on silken threads..."

Mainzer Forum-Theater: "...At the end you're left with the feeling that Blinn's puppets have more character than many an actor..."
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