This is no Punch and Judy show. In a programme lasting up to two hours, Stephan Blinn presents unparalleled cabaret highlights. The stories he tells on "invisible threads" feature artistic acrobatics, comedy and musical virtuosity in perfection.

The host is compère "François Gelatti", who animates the audience with his gift of the gab.

Golden Gate Quartet, Bill Haley, Josephine Baker, Leonhard Wetzstein, Geigari Gulasch - all of them musical delights, live and authentic on Stephan Blinn's stage.

The antics of the international masters of acrobatics, such as the contortionist Chew Wing Gum and the bicycle acrobat Salvatore Bicycletta, are beyond belief. Pure eroticism is exuded by the Marquise of "O" and "Samson" the model athlete - and new characters being added all the time.

Stephan Blinn is a perfectionist. He gives his authentically-styled puppets, products of his own imagination and carved with his own hands, their characters with loving attention to detail.

...people transformed into wood
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